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Free is a supremely gentle, energizing, unscented gel that offers ideal daily cleansing for even extremely sensitive skin. The simple but powerful recipe removes dirt and difficult makeup with one easy wash. 

Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover

SKU: 005527
  • Organic Soapbark extract » Food grade saponins lift dirt » Skin-friendly PH cleanses without irritation » Completely removes waterproof makeup Organic Grapeseed oil and Sunflower oil » Balances skin oils » Provides natural Vitamin E and nutrients Organic Yerba Mate, Olive Leaf, Linden, and Self Heal » Polyphenol antioxidant nutrition » Suitable for sensitive eye area skin » Improves the healthy appearance of skin. 4 oz container = 6 weeks of twice daily use.

  • TIPS: Free can be used on almost any skin type due to its allergy friendly, multifunctional formula. To remove makeup apply the gel to dry skin and massage in, removing with a warm, moist cloth

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