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Refine is a balancing clay mask to detoxify, deep clean pores, and create a smooth, even toned surface to skin. In just 20 minutes it improves the look of inflammation and blemishes. Liquid herb extracts infused over time give this mask a broader range of active phytonutrients to offer than many powdered products

Refine - Clay Renewal Treatment

SKU: 005619
  • Rhassoul Clay from lava beds in Morrocco » A spa favorite for its balancing properties » Contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica » Improves the look of skin texture Raw Celery Juice » Live juice enzymes dissolve dead skin cells to eliminate clogs » Tones and cleanses pores Extracts of Organic Willowbark, Licorice and Olive Leaf » Glabridin and glycyrrhizin improve the look of hyperpigmentation » Natural salicins improve the appearance of inflammation » Oleuropein polyphenol protects skin’s youthful appearance Creamy, premixed formula contains lightweight oils » Non-drying recipe is versatile for all skin types » Can be used biweekly to prevent congestion. 2.4 oz = 12 16 weekly treatments.

  • Routine application of Refine is recommended for skin types that are prone to flakiness, congestion, and breakouts. Clogs form days before any problem is visible, so routine use of a mask will help keep skin deeply cleansed and balanced. It also assists other products in the Rescue group with improving the look of resilience and avoiding the appearance of scars and dark marks

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