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The ultimate mineral facial sunscreen. Photonic provides broad spectrum UVA/ UVB protection plus a dense load of phytonutrients so time in the sun is good for you. Instead of irritating, clogging, and creating a grease slick like so many sunscreens this natural beauty hydrates with a perfecting, featherweight finish.

Phototonic - Light Shifting Solution

SKU: 005725
  • 12.5% transparent, uncoated zinc oxide » Provides safe, healthy UVA/UVB solar defense » Micronized particles invisible on all skin tones 3% Niacinamide and Organic Green Tea, and Gotu Kola » Creates a bright, clear look on skin » Helps maintain skin hydration » Antioxidants and compounds to soothe skin Organic Argan, Tamanu, Sesame, fruit seed oils and Squalane » Conditions skin without clogging » Rich in natural vitamins for a healthy look Friendly to allergy prone and reactive skin Natural flesh color from Astaxanthin » Pink color is an antioxidant pigment from red algae » An ideal extract for sun exposed skin » Astaxanthin is nutrition, not makeup tint.

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