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Powerfully gentle, this unique exfoliator offers radical radiance and uncommon kindness to skin. The array of powdered herbs and extracts intensively improves the appearance of brightness, smoothness, and clarity. No irritation means no down time. Waterless, so it’s 100% potent and preservative free until the moment of use.

Glow - Good Earth Exfoliant Powder

SKU: 005688
  • Papain Papaya Enzyme and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) powder » Fruit enzymes and acids dissolve and remove dead skin cells » Vitamin C hydrated at time of use for optimum efficacy » Vitamin C provides powerful brightening at 8% (retail) or 15% (professional strength) Organic Coconut Water and Oat Flour base » Soothes skin while exfoliants perform their job » Provides anti-inflammatory Beta-glucans, anti-aging Kinetin, and Minerals Extracts of Green Coffee and Ginseng with whole organic herb powders » Stimulates circulation and cell repair » Infuses antioxidants to freshly exfoliated skin 2 oz for use 1 to 3 times weekly, over 80 uses

  • Glow is offered in professional and retail strengths. Retail version has 8% Ascorbic Acid and turmeric. Professional strength has 15% Ascorbic Acid, increased ginseng extract, and no turmeric. Do not use on broken, raw skin. Combine with 2 pumps of Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser or Free Herbal Gel Cleanser to increase the time it will stay moist on skin

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