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Breakout of the problem skin cycle with this satiny antidote to congestion. Flawless helps clear pores with feather weight, absorbent oils that dissolve blockages. It’s designed for oily skin so it sinks in fast, leaving just ahealthy glow behind.

Flawless-Clear Condition Facial Oil

SKU: 05695
  • Organic Hemp Seed and Organic Cranberry Seed oils»Balanced Omegas 3, 6, 9 and natural Vitamin E»Raw, unrefined nutrition that absorbs quickly»Reduces the look of redness and skin inflammationOrganic Sacha Inchi and Blackberry Seed oils»High antioxidant content and lightweight feel»Protection for youthful appearanceOrganic Tamanu oil and Calendula CO2»Over 10 potent compounds in Tamanu for a healthy microbiome»Repairs the appearance of breakouts quicklyWatermelon Seed oil»Loosens sebum from pores to prevent blockage

  • Steam the face or apply a warm, moist towelfor 15 minutes. Then massage a liberal amount of Flawless into congested areas of skin, stroking the tissues for 5 to 10minutes. This will loosen and dissolve pore blockages and stimulate circulation of vital fluids in the tissues to clarify skin.

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